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Welcome to Smart Sex Talk with Dr. Pega Ren,

sex therapy for everyone from anywhere.

I am well aware how easily we can feel embarrassment, shame, and confusion about sexuality. We are bombarded by sexual images yet starved of accurate sexual information from reliable sources. Many of us discover early that sex is a topic, and an activity, to be avoided, so when our sexual curiosity demands expression, we blunder into intimate behaviour not really knowing what we are doing, ashamed of the pleasure we feel, and embarrassed to admit our ignorance. No wonder we sometimes make mistakes!

                            Just say know.

My goal as a sex therapist is to help you accept your particular brand of sexual excitement and to explore options regarding how best to weave those preferences into the fabric of your life. Regardless of whether you are single or in relationship, my primary focus is to support you in feeling good about yourself and your sexuality.

I do my best to make therapy accessible to you. Please see Services to learn more about how easy and convenient it can be to access the help you want.

Although I am happy to consult with your medical doctor or other support professionals if you wish, I do not require a formal referral.

For an idea of what early sessions are like, click here.

Feel free to call my Vancouver office directly at 604.269.2692, my Nelson office at 250-352-3139, or email me to make an appointment. You can tell me anything, confident of complete confidentiality and a nonjudgmental approach. After all, it is not your job to please me, and it is not my job to judge you. Remember…I’ve heard it all.I look forward to hearing from you.

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