What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy offers a safe place to learn, without judgment or bias, what you need to make sex fun and fulfilling.

I specialize in issues relating to aging, alternative (sometimes troubling) sexualities including kink, queer and trans* populations, and couples on the brink of separation.

Sex therapy is:

  • Brief
  • Accessible
  • Confidential

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Troubling Turn-onsTROUBLING TURN-ONS

For those on the edge of social & sexual acceptance, by choice or circumstance.


If it doesn’t fit in the straight box, you’ll find it here. There’s lots.



Mismatched libido with your partner? Find out what to do!

My goal as a sex therapist is to help you deal with the sex health related issue you may have. You will find numerous articles written on this site on questions posed by people that have previously visited my offices as well as contacted me online. I have also written a few articles for a few online medical magazines. Recently I wrote an article on the site ANIPOTS and I'm particularly happy that I was able to tackle that particular subject. If you find yourself looking for this kind of knowledge then feel free to check them out!

 Dr. Pega Ren
Sex Therapist

couples-tx-pic-5Individual Therapy

Clarify your issues, set new goals and resolve sexual difficulties. Find sensible solutions to your most personal problems.
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Couples_Counselling_smCouples Therapy

For couples who enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling relationship, but who find themselves at an impasse with a particular sexual issue, frustrated by resentment and arguments, or confused and heartbroken about drifting apart.
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Online_TherapyOnline Therapy

  • Sex therapy for everyone from anywhere.
  • Confidential (we use an encrypted platform).
  • Convenient (extended office hours available)
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The first session

Few people have contacted a sex therapist before. I’m used to that. I appreciate the trust put in me as folks stretch their boundaries to learn more about their sexuality and relationships.
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How long will it take?

Want to change old, disappointing patterns and do it quickly? Sex therapy is for you!
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Why sex therapy?

Treatment for sexual issuess is highly specialized and specific to each person. Some mental health professionals know and understand these issues, but most lack specialized knowledge.
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