Queer Issues

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If you’ve reached this page, it is because your particular brand of sexuality cannot be described as ‘straight’ or ‘het.’ Welcome.

First, I want to assure you that you will find information, current research and hundreds of columns and articles I’ve been writing for and about the queer community for the past few decades. What you will not find here is any sort of censure or judgment.

This is a place where you can locate information about coming out issues, domestic same sex violence, dating suggestions, family of origin and of choice considerations, gender issues, physiological concerns as they relate to being non-straight, parenting tips…and of course those questions that are always asked about sex and sexuality.

I wrote a monthly column, Ask the Expert, for Pink Triangle Press that appeared in Xtra magazine for a decade. You will find links here to the majority of those columns (some have been deleted as they were situation- or time-sensitive and therefore no longer relevant). Concurrently, I wrote articles about queer topics for other publications, like Huffington Post. If you have a question or situation for which you cannot find help here, please contact me. This demographic is dear to my heart and I am always happy to discuss whatever is on your mind.