Couples Therapy

Do you feel lonely, misunderstood, or confused about the struggles that have infected your relationship?
Have sex and intimacy become issues instead of joys?

Sex therapy will help you improve communication and negotiation skills so that you can lessen anger and enhance self-esteem and mutual respect. You’ll learn to explore your options and determine your best choices, all in an environment of confidentiality and compassionate guidance.

Expect homework! For every hour that you spend in session, you’ll be encouraged to dedicate several more to working on improving your relationship. Sex therapy homework is fun. Dr Ren will tailor your assignments to your individual and couple needs. You’ll set the pace; she’ll provide the direction.

You’ll be asked how best you learn, whether by reading, watching, hearing, or by experimenting with new ideas and concepts. Dr Ren will design interventions based on how you can best appreciate them.

Sometimes we’ll see one another one on one for solo sessions, and those meetings will integrate with our couples’ sessions. You will have input as to what works best for you as the therapy progresses. When she meets with you individually, you are assured the same level of discretion as always. Dr Ren will not blow your cover. If you need to tell her something that you just can’t say to your partner, she’ll help you prepare for sharing your news, but it will be your news until you decide differently.

As you learn to change your dysfunctional patterns, you’ll struggle with issues of trust and vulnerability. Sex therapy can be very helpful during this period. Each and both of you have a champion in Dr Ren. She guides you through the conflict towards your goal of rebuilding a meaningful and passionate union.

If therapy uncovers irreconcilable differences, Dr Ren will help you reconfigure your relationship as bloodlessly as possible, saving the best and graciously bidding farewell to the sticking points. If you can’t stay together, we’ll aim for each of you leaving better than when you found each other.

Simply put, you present the problems, and Dr Ren forms a team with you to minimize the strife and maximize the best of what you’ve built together. The therapy is all designed specifically for you. You set your own goals, and have a seasoned therapist to help you reach them.