Individual Therapy

Individual Treatment

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There is perhaps no aspect of our lives more deeply significant, personal and rewarding than our sexuality, yet at times that same attribute can cause us anguish, shame and confusion. Sex is enormously, undeniably significant in our lives, yet sometimes remains so elusive or complicated that we retreat from it in fear.

If you find that your relationship with your sexuality is anything less than additive and rewarding, therapy may be appropriate for you. You needn’t be sick, wrong or broken—in fact, most clients need only a few sessions to analyze what is bothering them, determine their options, and evaluate their best course of action. Much of sex therapy involves dispelling myths and teaching basic personal and interpersonal skills.

We live in a culture both titillated and provoked by sexual matters. We want to look, but don’t want to be seen looking. We want to touch, but only under “approved” circumstances. The rules shift constantly; we are chronically confused about the social etiquette of sex. We crave desire but distrust lust. Shame extinguishes our natural, healthy curiosity and we spend our lives trying to find appropriate avenues for our carnality.

Sex is also an intensely personal subject. We all feel vulnerable baring our sexual selves to those whose opinion we value. It is often hardest to tell our truths to those we most want to know it. Here again is where a sex therapist is helpful.

With years of training in counselling skills, augmented with further education in the science of sex, I can offer you not only a robust knowledge base but also a nonjudgmental and dispassionate perspective from which to view your particular brand of sexual involvement. You’ll find it much easier to unburden your secrets to someone who guarantees you respect and confidentiality while being uniquely interested in the subject area.

You can trust me. I can hear—and hold—your pain, your embarrassment, your confusion while sorting through what is relevant and what is not. I’ll help you decide how best to realize your heart’s desires. If you struggle with troubling turn-ons (read more here), I’ll help you explore ways to manage your behaviours and to continue to honour yourself.

If you are not at peace with your sexuality, give me a call. You don’t need to know what the answers are to what may seem like unresolvable problems…we’ll find them together. Let’s begin with some simple questions. The first one will be, “How can I help you?”