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Menopausal and Lost My Libido
Mid-life women worry about lost libido.

My Boyfriend Raped Me
How to react following sexual trauma. more

 Do Nice Boys Still Rim?
What we need to know about oral/anal sex and STIs. more

‘Unspeakable’ Fantasy
Examining a “fire and brimstone” fantasy. more

There’s Blood in my Cum, Doc
What to do when you find blood in your semen. more

Attraction? It’s Biological, Baby
What new research tells us about sexual orientation: can we control it? more

Indulge Your Fantasy
Even straight guys fantasize about anal play! more 

Sexual Breakthroughs of 2011
Big sexual news items of 2011. more

Lessons from a Brief Affair
Every relationship offers opportunities to learn valuable lessons, even amidst our grief. more

Will She Ever Experiment?
When you find you are kinky in a vanilla relationship. more

Can I Trust My Charming Boyfriend?
When to trust and when to end a relationship. more

Tips for Long Distance Relationships
Options for long-distance relationships. more

There’s a Freight Train in my Bed!
The delicate issue of snoring. more

Never Satisfied Bisexual
The cost of not coming out in relationships. more

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