Troubling Turn-ons

  • Feeling isolated and alone?
  • No one to talk to?
  • Concerned about risks and consequences?

We know what to do about this!


I am comfortable and knowledgeable in helping those of you interested in age play. You need not fear judgment here. Whether you are single or in relationship, I will help you attain balance in your life.

Attraction to Young People

Are you struggling with an uncomfortable and isolating attraction to children or teens? The clinical term for a person with this orientation is MAP, or minor attracted person. It can be very difficult for such people to get help with this difficult attraction, and our society could be doing a much better job in relating to this issue than it is.

Of course it would require honesty in sex education (“Up to 4% of you will find yourselves attracted to people under the age of consent”), directness about consequences (“Once you have committed a reportable offence, you can’t get help without also suffering draconian punishment”), frankness about science (“There is no definitive evidence that you have some brain disorder, that it can be cured / changed, or that acting on it will always be intrinsically harmful”), about the helping professions (“The majority of counsellors won’t see you”), and an absence of moralizing (“This does not make you bad or inferior, you just live in a time in which society has decided to pass these laws”).

Recidivism rates for sex offenses are lower than for all other major types of crime and much lower than commonly believed. Though generally believed to be around 10-15%, the US Department of Justice has found that only about 3 percent of pedophiles commit another sex crime within three years of being released from prison, and meta-analysis of hundreds of studies has confirmed that once they are detected, most convicted offenders never sexually reoffend.

Most MAPs never offend. That does not mean, however, that it is easy live happy or comfortable lives. They are confused with child molesters, who act out of cruelty and hatred rather than out of love and care. They are doomed to a life of sexual abstinence and secrecy. Theirs is a difficult road.

We know a lot more now than we did even a few years ago due to some new and innovative research done here in Canada and in Scandinavia and Europe. More and more we are learning that pedophilia is organic and at least partially physiologically based. In other words, this is not a choice, nor is it a phase or condition which is likely to be changed.

For these and other reasons, it is vital that MAPs find access to knowledgeable, unbiased and caring therapists who can help them contain and manage this most difficult of attractions. You will find such a person in me.

Please feel free to call the office and speak to me directly. Confidentiality will be discussed honestly and immediately. You can feel safe here.

Resource: Daniel’s World video, for those of you who want to be accurately informed about the reality of being a pedophile, and the treatment you can hope to receive here.



Regardless of what turns you on, if it causes you to hide or puts you in danger either socially or legally, talk to me. I will do my best to help you find ways to find your happiness while maintaining a safe and sane lifestyle. You need not fear shame or ridicule here. I guarantee you respectful, science-based treatment.