What is Sex Therapy

I am well aware how easily we can feel embarrassment, shame, and confusion about sexuality. We are bombarded by sexual images yet starved of accurate sexual information from reliable sources. Many of us discover early that sex is a topic, and an activity, to be avoided, so when our sexual curiosity demands expression, we blunder into intimate behaviour not really knowing what we are doing, ashamed of the pleasure we feel, and embarrassed to admit our ignorance. No wonder we sometimes make mistakes!

                            Just say know.

You will find sex therapy to be brief, client-centered and high impact. It is empowering, relevant and flexible. You will receive candor without judgment, and find me to be approachable, knowledgeable and sensitive to your individual needs. The process is completely confidential—anything you say to me will be held in the strictest privacy.

Sex therapy addressed issues of

  • negative attitudes and beliefs about sex
  • sexual communication and negotiation
  • obstacles to intimacy
  • sexual desire
  • medical considerations affecting sexuality
  • atypical, often troubling, sexual behaviours
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation and the coming out process
  • sexual trauma including assault and childhood exploitation
  • body image and sex-negative conditioning
  • sexual development, maturation and aging concerns
  • women’s issues, including orgasm, masturbation, partnered sex, painful intercourse, and lubrication
  • men’s issues, including erectile difficulty and uncontrolled timing of ejaculation

Doing what comes naturally often leaves us fumbling, confused and unsatisfied. Sex therapy offers a safe place to learn, without judgment or bias, what you need to make sex fun and fulfilling.  I specialize in issues relating to aging, alternative (sometimes troubling) sexualities including kink, queer and trans* populations, and couples on the brink of separation.

Sex therapy is:

  1. brief
  2. accessible
  3. confidential